Let’s Capture Our Culture Together!

Hello my fellow festival goers! Do you enjoy going to music festivals as much as I do? Or have you never been to one at all? Either way  I’m glad you landed on this site. My name is Victor Cuchilla. I am a professional Freelance Writer and Blogger and I am working on my portfolio by writing reports of my experiences at different cultural, artistic, and musical events throughout Southern California and elsewhere. I am a huge fan of these events and at the same time I notice the revolutionizing social characteristics that exist at these events and how amazing they can be to attend. My goal is to share my experiences at such events with fans and audiences that are interested in or looking to attend the events I write about. I want my readers to know about the events you’re attending so that you can get the most out of your experience at a music or culture festival. Most of the events I attend will be Electric Dance Music based, but I will also post reports about music festivals with music ranging from: Trap, Trance, House, Dub step, Hip-Hop, Indie, Indie-Rock, and many other genres of music. I will also be using professional photography and video recording techniques to capture highlights and moments at these events in their exciting environment. I hope that I will be able to give my fellow EDM and other music genre lovers a trustworthy and honest report of my experience at these events: how they went(the highlights of my music event experience), my overall experience (including the pros and cons), as well as insights about how the events are conducted. I will also provide a lot of information about the line-ups of the events and the musical artists that will be performing at each event or festival I attend.

Through my reviews and reports I hope my readers will gain a better understanding of certain cultural and musical events and how to get the best experience from going to any musical, artistic, or cultural event. Those who have a strong appreciation for EDM and other types of music will be able to appreciate and connect with the awesome experiences I have as I describe them on this blog site. This blog is dedicated to showing the world the amazing and uplifting atmosphere that only Electric Dance and other types of music festivals can create through the use of written reports/reviews and by sharing exciting and beautiful media of the attendees (including myself and friends), the venue, and the music artists. I hope to do this by describing the highlights of the music and artistic shows and  by vividly sharing with my readers the awesome experiences one has while attending a music festival. I will also be taking photos and videos of the events to capture their momentous atmosphere and to share what these events look and feel like when one is actually their. At the same time I hope to promote the organizations that host the festivals along with the varying artists that create the different artistic, cultural, and musical elements of these festivals and events. Without these companies and the creative artists they put on for all their attendees to enjoy, being able to experience one of these unforgettable events would not be so easy.  I want to share my experiences with both avid attendees and those who have never attended any type of cultural festival so that they may be more optimistic and enthusiastic about attending a musical, artistic, or cultural event.

I have only recently began attending music festivals around nine months ago, but I have enjoyed listening to EDM music for years. I’ve enjoyed my experiences attending cultural festivals so much that I decided I would to attend more and share my experiences with the rest of the world. Meanwhile, I want to share my experiences with those who are avid attenders or those are just starting to go to music and cultural festivals. Although I  have recently began writing professional reviews and reports on musical, cultural, and artistic events and festivals I feel that as I attend more events my descriptions of the overall atmosphere and culture of these events will ultimately get better. I’m sure that my readers will feel like they are actually there, and if not then they’ll be sure to attend that event next year to experience it for themselves. I also want to give viewers up to date and relevant coverage of growing EDM and other music events and also give recognition and support to the music artists that create the wonderful music that all of us enjoy and love. I’m passionate about representing these festivals in a friendly and professional manner to illustrate to my viewers and readers that these events are culturally inspiring, socially meaningful, and have a positive global impact.

Feel free to comment on any of my posts or pages if you have any questions, comments or concerns about what I have to say about my experiences or events. I will gladly post a response addressing your comment to the best of my ability and I hope you guys enjoy attending cultural and music events as much as I do! And always remember to HAVE FUN AND STAY SAFE at the musical, artistic, and cultural events you choose to attend.



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