Nocturnal Wonderland – 2015

I was lucky enough to have a friend who was unable to attend the second day of Nocturnal (which is a three day event), which he had already paid for. So, being the kind fellow that he is he looked for a friend that would fill his spot at the music festival and he happened to choose Me! Probably because I had never attended a festival before and because he is a generous friend who’s been like an older brother to me, anyways a big thank you to one of my good friends SQUIRTLE! haha yeah its a weird nickname for a friend but I’m glad he is one of my best friends otherwise I would have never been introduced to the music festival world and thus not writing this blog. We’ll that’s how it all got started, my friend let me use his pass to get into the second day of Nocturnal Wonderland -2015.

Although it wasn’t necessarily allowed because Insomniac doesn’t allow those that go to their festivals to sell or trade tickets with others, but it frequently happens and they can’t necessarily stop it. I’m not sure how they could.

However I digress…I had an amazing time at my first festival. I had got to the San Manuel Amphitheater a bit before sunset and by the time all my friends and I were in it was just about Sundown. Because it was my first festival, I let my friends take the lead for the most part because I didn’t know the line up very well and I hadn’t planned on going anyway. It’s a good idea to decide on a festival that has music artists that you actually listen to and know because you can relate more to the show and music, at least for me this makes the music more enjoyable. Although it was also amazing listening to new music that I wouldn’t normally listen to. There was only a few big names that I knew when I attended, like Alesso and Yellow-Claw. But it was also pretty cool seeing people perform who I had have never heard of, and it was an exceptionally fun experience because I had a lot of my friends with me.

Although I had a blast, there were some major preparation steps that I had forgotten about r was unaware of. I didn’t bring a camel pack which is something I’d recommend to most festival goers, except for those who must rage without a pack. I think the most memorable performer of the night was Yellow-Claw because the group was able to hype the entire crowd into a frenzy of mosh pits and intense vibes. By the end of night, I was extremely tired and happy that I had experienced my first music festival.

For the first time music festival goers, I’d recommend: Bring a bunch of your friends, it’s a lot of fun to share this experience with people you know and love. Also, be ready for a long wait line for a vary large and well-known festival. They have multiple security checks you have to pass, so make sure you have what you need so you don’t have to walk back to the car, and DON”T forget your ID and or TICKET or WRISTBAND. And much love to my homie Squirtle for making it all happen, Thanks Bro!

Main picture borrowed from Insomniac website




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