Escape Psycho Circus – 2015

After attending Nocturnal I decided that I would attend another Insomniac event. This music festival was from October 30th-31st. I attended the second night and that night was Halloween so it was cool to see people wearing all sorts of different costumes. Seeing all the amazing costumes was a feat in itself. After meeting up at a meet up spot with my friends, we headed off to one of the main stages at the NOS  Events center. The meet up spots that Insomniac creates for those who attend their music festivals and events are especially helpful because Insomniac made a relatively cozy and unique place that me and my friends could go to meet up or just relax. The Escape meet up spot had some couches that people could relax on and their was a miniature “psycho circus” in which different oddly and creepy looking performers were talking and acting all “psycho” around us attendees. This was a cool experience because it really made the Halloween night seem authentic and they captivated our attention. The performers and different spectacles that Insomniac brought to the event made the experience more than just a typical musical festival, which makes attending their events pretty unique.

Some of the major music artists that I liked from that night were Martin Garrix, ShowtekThe MagicianParty FavorSeven Lions, and Ephurd. I’m sure that mostly all the performers of that night were great, but these were just the music artists that I remember enjoying the most. I had an awesome experience that night and many of the people I met at each stage were enjoying the music and vibes as much as I was.

The fact that it was Halloween night made the event unique because everywhere or at every stage their were people dressed in amazing and even stunning colorful costumes that made exploring and seeing all the people at the event exciting. This was an event that offered much more than just great music. The event date gave those attending an opportunity to express themselves in more creative and fascinating ways then normally seen at other music festivals. I remember seeing people dressed in all sorts of costumes: Jesus carrying the cross, Mario and Luigi, and a Panda, and creations I couldn’t even begin to explain, I was only able to gaze and admire. This gave me an entirely different appreciation for Insomniac events because  I noticed that they create there events with a passion for letting their fans and attendees express themselves through their clothing and attire. This gave everyone a chance to escape their normal identity as a usual festival goer and dress up as something that they wanted to convey or show people, which let’s their attendants take on an entirely new identity, as one of the “psycho’s” or oddballs that adds to the excitement and creativity of the circus. Although it was a “psycho circus” everyone that was oddly or abnormally dressed could fit right in and be in an environment where being strange and creepy were things to be accepted and appreciated.

Thank you Insomniac, for hosting a fun and creative event that I will not soon forget. I look forward to attending the event this year in 2016 and dressing up as something that will amuse and entertain my friends and all those that go to the event.

 Picture borrowed from Insomniac website


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