Crush Music Festival – 2016

After bringing in the new year at Insomniac’s Countdown NYE, the next music festival that I decided to attend was Crush – 2016. This is Insomniac’s Valentine’s day music festival. Insomniac was able to host this event in four different locations this year, which really emphasizes the popularity and growth of Insomniac’s attendance numbers. There were two of these events in California, one was at the NOS Event center in southern California and the other was in San Francisco. The other two music festivals were in Dallas, Texas and Arizona.

I attended the Crush music festival at the NOS Event center which is where the roots of the music festival exist. Although it was the eve of Valentines day the event had sold out and still maintained a large number of attendees. There was only going to be one stage at which all the music artists were to perform and the line up was pretty stacked for only being a one night event.

Insomniac had set up a very large heart sculpture that all the attendees could take a picture with to capture the romantic and excited atmosphere of the night, which was pretty amazing!

Two of my favorite performers from that night were WUKI and WIWEK. I didn’t know much about these two music performers beforehand, so hearing their sets was a new experience and I loved the music they were playing and the variations of songs both new and old that they mixed and reworked. One of the up and coming House Music artists that was on the line up for that night was DON DIABLO. Over the past few months that I had began attending music festivals I became a huge fan of Don Diablo and the awesome and groundbreaking electronic house music he has been producing. I enjoy listening to his music very much and listening to his music is addictive, I can’t wait to hear what new and invigorating electric dance music this artist will create next. Well anyways, his set was very awesome and he definitely dropped some of the amazing house music songs that have gained him the fans he has today, such as : On My Mind, Anytime, I’ll House You, and Make Me feel Better. I very much appreciated his set and I’m very glad I was able to see him drop some of his most popular music. DASH BERLIN closed the music show by playing some awesome trance music. The show ended at 3 A.M so by the time it was over I was extremely exhausted. Overall, I enjoyed the music artists very much and I was glad I was able to discover new music artists that I like.

However, there is something different about the mood and atmosphere of a single stage music event versus events with multiple stages. The fact that Crush was a one stage event made the venue seem smaller and more secluded compare to larger music events and I didn’t get the same party atmosphere and extremely passionate sense of curiosity, exploration, and enjoyment that I usually get at bigger music festivals.

I appreciate the awesome line up that Insomniac put together and the special Valentine’s day mood they created, to not only to give music lovers a wonderful experience, but also to give: couples, lovers, and soul mates a music experience that encouraged and appreciated the love and care that they have for one another. It was an awesome experience and I hope I get to see one of my favorite EDM artists, Don Diablo, perform again in the future.

Picture borrowed from Insomniac website


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