Countdown Music Festival – NYE 2015

Though Escape Psycho Circus was fun, I knew that I was going to attend more music festivals, so I decided on Countdown, which is an Insomniac Events music festival on New Years Eve. It was only a one night event so there was not as elaborate of a visual set up as say, Nocturnal. But their were sculptures and LED infused spectacles, but I did not have much time to experience and admire these artistic creations because I was moving with my friends to different stages often to see the various music performers. This event was held at the NOS Event Center and had three main stages. Insomniac did not create as spectacle oriented or entertaining of a set up as Escape, but that was fine because it gave me more time to focus on the music and shows of the performing artists.

There were many artists who performed that night that I enjoyed very much. One artist that I saw perform and had recently began listening to was Oliver Heldens and I deeply enjoy the work he is producing in the deep house and house music genre. His set that night was very awesome and he dropped many of the songs that have helped gain him fans and reputation over the past year. Another artist that my friends and I vibed out to was WhatSoNot, his set was super amped. I was especially happy when he played some of his most famous songs Gemini and High You Are, those songs are just amazing. After I watched both of these artists the next that I can recall that I liked very much was Flux Pavilion. He played some hard-core dubstep that had me my entire group of friends raging. I also really liked listening and watching the sets for Carnage and Cookie Monsta. Very great musicians!

The music artist that my friends and I decided to watch close the event was Sleepy Tom. He played some great house music and he also dropped a rework of his hit song Be Right There. He definitely ended the night with a hell of a set. He even threw out some USB sticks with some of his musical work to the audience and one of my friends was lucky enough to catch one. Al These musical artists performed very well at Countdown on New Years and they dropped some great and creative music.

One factor that made me appreciate the music even more was the fact that  I actually knew the songs and music that was being played by a lot of the artists because I was frequently listening to their music. Being able to recall the names of the songs of the artists and knowing what type of music they play made me appreciate their music because I could relate on a more personal level. It was also cool being able to listen to their remixes of their original works and the variations of the creative work that these musicians have to offer.

Although Countdown was one of my favorite festivals so far I did have a few issues or mishaps that had potentially put a damper on my new years. The first was with an issue that my wristband had when trying to enter the venue. For some odd and very frustrating reason when I went to scan my wristband it was not being recognized. I had to go to an information and help station to fix the issue. However, the staff at the ticket registration booth also had an issue determining that my wristband was in their system as having been purchased as a legitimate businesses transaction. The only way I was able to solve the issue was by registering my wristband on my phone, at that very moment, to prove the authenticity of my wristband.  It is not required to register your wristband with Insomniac before their events, it is only recommended, but after this I would call it highly recommended or something similar might happen to you. Even after I had finished registering my wristband the help center was STILL NOT ABLE TO FIND MY WRISTBAND ID NUMBER IN THEIR SYSTEM. At this point I had become very frustrated with both the staff and Insomniac computer system that was supposed to contained the information that they did not have. I showed the employee the verification screen on my phone and that was the only “valid” proof I had of my purchase. This was pretty rocky and unsound validation, and had I not thought quick enough to show him the validation screen that I registered my wristband on my phone my night would have been ruined as they would surely not have let me in. I was very upset at the moment because they were denying my purchase of ticket that was well over $100. I was close to having been denied access to an event that I had legitimately purchased a ticket to attend and I was really upset by this mishap in Insomniacs service.

Luckily and with my quick thinking I was still able to get in to the music event. I’m sure anyone else wouldn’t have done as I did and they would have been denied access to an event that they paid good and hard-earned money to purchase. I hope this hasn’t and doesn’t happen to anyone in the near past or future, it would surely leave that person with a bad attitude towards Insomniac. Fortunately, that didn’t happen to me and so I am still a big fan of Insomniac Events, but I will always remember to register my wristband before attending another festival, just to be on the safe side, even though Insomniac doesn’t require it.

The other issue I had was a minor issue and it was only that the lockers had become full by the time I had gotten in and I had to carry the extra things I brought with me through out the entirety of the event. This wasn’t to bad, but I hope Insomniac will decide on getting more lockers put into their venues so that more people can purchase them and they won’t have to carry the things they want to keep safe. Other than these two issues I had a blast at Countdown NYE and I got to experience some wonderful and very creative musical artists. Thank you Insomniac for another awesome and well-managed music event and i can’t wait to attend in 2016.

 Picture borrowed from Insomniac website


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