An Introduction to Music Festival Reporting

Hello Music Festival Fans!

Hey everyone, this is my first blog so it might be a bit rusty, but hey that’s OK, I’ll get better! Haha at least I hope so. So this blog will be about my experiences at various cultural and musical events. Most of them will be in the Southern California area and mostly music festivals, but as time goes on I’m sure that I will venture out further into the awesome different cultural events that exist. I will be trying to give an in-depth description of what I experienced at the event and how well the event seemed to go. At the same time I will be giving my personal opinions about what I think was really good or really bad about the cultural and or musical event.

By doing this I hope it will give people an encouragement to attend any of the festivals I write about and at the same time give them a preview of what they will be experiencing. I also want to promote the organizations that create these awesome festivals and also promote the different music artists that create the wonderful music that makes these shows all possible. Thank you guys for reading and I hope your curiosity gets the best of you and you decide to try out any cultural event geared towards people who enjoy all different types of music genres.

My Goal as an Events Journalist!

In short, my overall goal is to share my experiences with people who want to know more about the events that I attend. I want those that have already attended and those that have never gone to any musical or artistic event to experience what these events are like and I hope to do this through my writing and posting of other media such as music or pictures.


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