San Bernardino County Looks to End EDM Music Festivals!

Upcoming San Bernardino County Supervisory Board Vote to End City Contract With Live Nation!

On May 24th, the San Bernardino County Supervisory Board will be voting on whether or not the city will be ending their contract with Live Nation. Live nation is a live-events company that focuses on concert and music festival promotion, especially those in with EDM artists and performers. It seems that over the past year or so, or maybe even longer the city has began to feel that these EDM festivals and events have become what many San Bernardino citizens and advisory board members have called “a public safety hazard” and caused dozens if not hundreds of complaints from San Bernardino citizens. These complaints range from the simple complaint of the music festivals being too loud and noisy, to the concern with the drug and overdose occurrences, to the “indecent exposure” of the attendees and their acts of loitering and increased city disturbances. The venue that the city will be voting to limit the rave-style and EDM events is the San Manuel Amphitheater. This is where Insomniac and Live Nation host two of their most successful EDM festivals, Nocturnal Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland. For any of us that have already bought our tickets to Nocturnal Wonderland, this is a bit of a shock and we may be looking at Nocturnal being held at another venue.

What do I Think About Vote?

I personally believe that there are legitimate arguments on both sides of the issue. To some degree I believe that the city may be targeting an entire genre of music and part of that culture as a result of an inaccurate stigma. I believe that a lot of people are still prejudice and biased towards EDM music because of its underground history and association with underground raves and with people who take drugs. So I believe that the issue has arisen as a result of a certain populations disregard to view EDM as an impact and meaningful type of music that is vastly revolutionizing the morals and values it represents. Although this is a concern for some people, the transformation of electric dance music into mainstream culture SHOULD NOT be stigmatized in this manner. There is a lot more social, artistic, and cultural significance to these events that many of these complaints are neglecting to take note of. When it comes to loud and noisy events, I’m sure that the San Manuel Amphitheater hosts music shows with other genres of music that are just as loud and “disturbing” as the EDM events that hundreds of thousands of people like to attend. On another note there have been many instances of drug overdoses and with that there is an increased sense to control the issue and to ensure that people are not consuming narcotics at these events. This is more of a security issue I believe and to some degree I do believe that Live Nation is at fault here, they need to ensure that their attendees are not sneaking in drugs and or illegal substances. At the same time they can’t fully control what their attendees choose to put into their bodies and this is where I believe Live Nation is not responsible for the drug concerns at these events. This is an important note because  all those attending events need to have a concern for their own personal heath and well-being if they choose to take illegal substances, that is a risk that they are choosing to make and no one else is responsible for this. Live Nation and other companies that host these events with the intention of preventing drugs from entering their shows and events should not be held responsible for the way their attendees act or what they consume. However, I do believe that Live nation and other festival promoting companies should inform and encourage their event attendees to have respect for the venue and the surrounding city. They should offer a list of guidelines (simple respectful and behavioral attitudes) as to how to respect the citizens and the city where the venue is held, that way the attendees can’t say they weren’t asked to respect the environment of the city and try not to create city disturbances which could negatively affect the city’s attitude towards the concert promotion companies like Live Nation. I say this because in my experience of attending EDM music events I have taken note of people I have come across that seemed to have no respect for the environment and they are in and acting a way with blatant disregard for themselves and the people they are around, but I’m sure that at ANY music event there may be people who fall into this category, however I would definitely like to see people discouraged from acting in this manner, it would protect the name of the events promotion companies (to some degree) while making their events more socially acceptable. These are just some suggestions I believe EDM festival promotion companies could utilize to protect their image while also making their events safer and less of a “concern” to city officials and citizens. 

What’s Next?

Cross your fingers and hope that the EDM events held by Live Nation will continue to be hosted at the San Manuel Amphitheater. If not then we can all look forward to an announcement from companies like Live Nation and Insomniac about where these events are going to be held if not at the San Bernardino venue. 

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2 thoughts on “San Bernardino County Looks to End EDM Music Festivals!

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    Wow! very good points and hopefully Live Nation will get an opportunity to make the changes that you have mentioned! Everyone attending these events should be legal age and should be acting like adults …if they want the festivals to continue!!
    thanks for sharing 🙂

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